Raffle Prize – Plush Golden Retriever Pup in Harness

Raffle Prize - Plush Golden Retriever in Harness. He's in the down position with tongue sticking out with a harness.

Well, hello there!  Thanks for inviting me into your home…and what a lovely home it is, too!  It’s the perfect home for you.  Everything here reflects your special, warm personality! But there might be just one thing missing here… That would be Me!

Who am I? Well…some call me Reno.   I think that’s because I’m such a big prize.  Others call me Sparky because of the way my large fetching brown eyes sparkle.  There are those who call me Nugget because they consider me their very own chunk of gold.  A few refer to me as Goldie because of my long golden wisps of hair that always reflect the light as it bounces over my lean body.  And, there are even some who call me Chips- an acronym for Classy, Hot, Image of Perfection!

Yes, I’m 41 inches of long, luscious love from the tip of my life-like tail to the tip of my slightly protruding tongue, and there are 26 inches -of gorgeous girth around my magnificent middle, all accentuated by the down position I sustain. 

Hava (she’s the talented seamstress who actually transformed me from golden concept to beautiful golden plush guide dog pup!) has once again outdone herself with the stunning harness she’s customized and hand-made especially for me .  I’m truly stuffed with attitude (among other things, as well as  beauty and love, of course!  You are guaranteed to smile each time your fingers caress my long, golden coat or my soft, fluffy ears or even my tantalizing, playful pink tongue that rests just outside my mouth in a profoundly puppy-like pout.

What a handsome hunk of Golden Retriever I truly am.  I’ll never make a mess on your floors; surf your counters for morsels of yummy goodies; or track in mud from the puddles outside.  I don’t eat or drink and you’ll never have to drag out that dreaded doggy tub for the ritual scheduled bath.  You won’t have to brave those cold winter nights or hot, humid, sultry summer days to relieve me!  I could soon be sitting right there in your most prominent  position of  importance- -close enough for you to stroke my long locks or playfully pat my furry ears.  The entire world will probably be green with envy of you!

 Yes, YOU could soon claim me for your very own! Those nice folks at GDUI are offering YOU the opportunity to win Me with your small donation of (TBA) dollars for (TBA) tickets.   It only takes 1 ticket to win, but you must have that ticket, and you could have that ticket.

So, whatever name you choose to give to me: Reno; Sparky; Nugget; Lucky or Chips, with that one special ticket you could call me YOURS!

Call or email NOW for your chance to win me and help out GDUI-the organization we all love and appreciate.

I can hardly wait to take up residence in your beautiful home.