GDUI Announcement, February 28, 2017

Apply Today for One of Two First-Timers' Stipends to Attend the 2017 GDUI Convention in Sparks, Nevada at the Nugget Casino Resort from July 1-July 5. Read below for more details.

Dear GDUI Members,

Today’s announcement is an exciting one for all of us. Last summer, our Fund-Raising Committee held a successful Summer Drawing, the proceeds from which are funding this opportunity for two GDUI members to receive a stipend which will allow them to attend our summer convention, held this summer in Sparks, Nevada (near Reno). All of the details, including an application form and topics for three required essays, are included below.

Before sharing all of the details, I want to thank the GDUI 2016 Fund-Raising Committee and all of its members and Chairperson, Bob Acosta, who worked so hard to put the summer drawing together, collecting appealing items that generated so many bids, and handling the sales of tickets and coordination of drawing tickets and sending the winners their prizes. Thank you to every single one of you who contributed prizes, bought tickets, sold to friends or family members, and made this fund-raiser such a success for GDUI, and for the two first-timers who will reap the rewards of all those efforts this
coming summer.

Thank you, as well, to our First-Timers’ Committee who developed the process for selecting winners, created the application, and made this exciting competition possible. That committee included Caitlin Mongillo, Committee Chairperson; Brianna Murray; Minh Ha; and Lynn Merrill. And, of course, thank you to our board who met, both online and via telephone, to discuss the proposal and reach agreement on all of the details.

Now, it’s time for the suspense to end! We hope that many of our members who have been wishing they could attend one of our conventions, but just couldn’t manage to accumulate the wherewithal will apply for this award. The deadline for submitting your completed application is April 15, 2017. Results will be announced as soon as they are available, in time for airline tickets to be purchased convention kibble to be ordered or packed, and excitement to mount! Good luck to all of you! On this Mardi Gras Day, think positively, and let the good times roll!


Penny and Willow, who can hardly wait to spend time with our winners
this coming July!

Guide Dog Users, Inc.
First Time Convention Attendee Application for 2017 GDUI Convention

Every year, Guide Dog Users, Inc. (GDUI) holds its convention in conjunction with the American Council of the Blind Conference and Convention. In 2017, the GDUI Convention will take place in Sparks, NV at the Nugget Casino Resort from July 1-July 5, The GDUI convention is a terrific opportunity to network with other guide dog users, get program updates from the guide dog schools in the US, attend workshops on the most pressing issues in the community, and have a lot of fun. We understand that the cost of attending a convention can be prohibitive for some, which is why we created this opportunity to assist individuals that
may otherwise not be able to attend.

Please complete the application (below) in its entirety and submit it by April 15, 2017; incomplete applications will not be considered. There are a series of demographic questions to assist us in gathering info about our applicants, as well as three essays. Essays should be added to this completed word document. All applications must be received by April 15, 2017. Completed applications may be submitted to

They can be sent as attachments (please include your name in the file name) or copy/pasted into a blank email message (please put your name in the subject line). The winning applicants will hear back from the committee as soon as a decision is made.

Award winners will receive a check for $955.00 on July 1, 2017 at the GDUI Suite. This money can go towards reimbursement of hotel costs, meal subsidy, airfare or other convention expenses.

Award winners will agree to:

  • Participate in all GDUI convention events
  • Sit with GDUI at least twice during ACB general session
  • Write an article for the fall edition of PawTracks, GDUI’s magazine
    describing your experience at the GDUI convention
  • Actively participate on at least one GDUI committee throughout the
    year following the GDUI convention
  • Conduct yourself with respect and professionalism throughout the convention

Requirements of Applicants:

  • Must be a member of GDUI in good standing
  • Must be a guide dog user
  • Must be willing to attend the GDUI convention in full; July 1 – July 5, 2017
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must NOT be a board member, family member of a board member, or an
    individual sharing a dwelling with a board member
  • Must not have attended an ACB or GDUI National Convention in the past

Guide Dog Users, Inc. – First Time Convention Attendee Application:

Zip code:
Email address:
Phone number (cell/work/home):
Date of birth:

Are you currently a member of GDUI? If yes, how long have you been a member?

How long, in years, have you been working with a guide dog?

How long have you been working with your current guide?

Have you attended a national GDUI convention in the past?

Essay Questions

Question 1: In a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 750, tell us
what you would hope to learn from this years’ GDUI convention in Reno.
What are you most looking forward to, and why do you want to attend?

Question 2: In a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 750, please
tell us, in detail, what you think the main issue facing guide dog
teams is in the year 2017? Why is this a problem, and what suggestions
do you have to help remedy this issue?

Question 3: In a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 750, tell us
what projects or initiatives you would like to assist GDUI with this
next year. What talents do you feel you could bring to the
organization and what committees interest you the most?