Get involved with the work of Guide Dog Users, Inc.!

GDUI operates and gains its strength through the work and talents of its members and friends!  Listed below are the standing committees that perform the day-to-day work that GDUI does within the guide dog movement.  Check out the various ways to become active and let us know where you want to work by visiting the contact us page today!

Advocacy – develop and implement blindness and/or guide dog team related advocacy strategies; assist GDUI members and guide dog users to advocate successfully for access; work collaboratively with guide dog users and others to resolve issues related to denial of access and other civil rights issues. (Advisory).  Chair:  Becky Barnes-Davidson

Budget and Finance – Oversees development of the budget; ensures accurate tracking/monitoring/accountability for funds; ensures adequate financial controls; reviews major grants and associated terms. (Board).  Chair:  Maria Hansen

Bylaws – shall be available to any member who wishes to propose amendments. It shall be responsible for sending notices of pending amendments and changes adapted to voting members. It shall initiate changes that it believes will make GDUI more democratic and effective. (Advisory).  Chair:  Maria Hansen

Fundraising  –  Oversees development and implementation of the Fundraising Plan; identifies and solicits funds from external sources of support, works with various committees to determine needs of support of the Fundraising Committee. (Advisory).  Chair:  Bob Acosta

Legislative – stays informed on relevant matters and brings proposals to the table for a board position or an organizational activity related to local, state, or national legislative issues; assists GDUI affiliates with understanding and commenting upon proposed legislative actions within their jurisdictions. (Advisory).  Chair:  Ginger Kutsch

Membership – maintain GDUI’s member base; works to develop recommended strategies to outreach to new members and retain current members. (Advisory).  Chair:  Betsy Grenevitch

Nominating  – Identifies needed board member skills, suggests potential members and orients new board members. (Board)

Programs – Plans and coordinates the annual convention and associated events. (Advisory).  Chair:  Lilian Scaife

Publications Oversees and assures the highest standards of quality for all GDUI publications; provides editorial assistance, when requested, to GDUI committees and others with respect to the preparation of publications which reflect GDUI’s positions and values. (Advisory).  Chair:  Ann Chiappetta and Michael Malver

Public Relations – Represents the organization to the community; enhances the organization’s image, including communications with the press; Oversees development and implementation of the website. (Advisory).  Chair:  Will Burley

Products  – Promotes organization’s products to the community, including generating fees for those products; chooses products for sale which will be acceptable to guide dog users and stimulate product sales at GDUI conventions and other venues. (Advisory).  Chair:  Connie Jacomini

Special Concerns – Oversees recruitment of and ongoing performance of GDUI empathizers; works to assure access of GDUI products, services and publications for GDUI members who have  disabilities in addition to blindness. (Advisory).  Chair:  Vickie Curley