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GUIDELINES for GDUI discussion list:
Dear Subscribers,
Below are policies and rules intended to govern communications on this GDUI-sponsored list.
We encourage you to review these policy guidelines and to expect list moderators to enforce the rules and honor their intent.
If we need to make changes to any of the rules or policies listed below, the GDUI Publications Committee, in consultation with list moderators and list subscribers, reserves the right to do so when necessary. We intend to publish the rules for this list on a monthly basis so that new subscribers may become acquainted with them and others may refresh their memories.
Now for the rules:

Discussion List Rules
This document is divided into two sections: Rules, which all list subscribers must follow; and requests, which constitute common courtesies.
1. Subscribing and Unsubscribing.
a. To join this discussion list, send a blank e-mail message to:

b. If you wish to unsubscribe from this list, send a message to

When list moderators receive your request to subscribe, they will approve the request within three business days. GDUI members and friends are welcome on this list.
2. Posting
A. Messages must contain the poster's name. Aliases, sometimes called "consistent unique identifiers," are not allowed on this list.
B. A post on this List can be either an original message, a reply to a previous post, or a properly attributed article from a secondary source.
C. Discretion must be used when forwarding material written by others. The identity of authorship must be included. If what you are forwarding is from a publication, the name of the publication, the author of the article, and the date it was written should be included. When possible, the link to the article on the web should also be included.
D. Original or forwarded advertising, surveys, or questionnaires unrelated to Guide dog handling, usage, care, or other GDUI-related topics are not permitted. List Moderators may be consulted if clarification is needed about the appropriateness of material.
E. While advertising relating to guide dogs is permitted, this list is primarily a discussion list. A limited amount of advertising is welcome as a source of information and for the purpose of promoting business owners who engage in the sale of products and services related to guide dogs. List Moderators reserve the right to restrict repeated or excessive advertising. Please limit advertising to once per month. Please note that this rule does not apply to nonprofit organizations which may hold timely events for which notification needs to be sent.
F. Remove extraneous headers.
G. Posts must relate to Guide Dogs, or to matters of interest to the GDUI community. Past discussion topics on this list have included:
Questions related to obtaining, and caring for a guidedog, advice on specific challenges being faced by guide dog teams, success stories from individual teams regarding moments from their lives, and programming announcements from local affiliates as well as GDUI national. Topics related to gdui policies and procedures are prohibited on this list. Please subscribe to gdui-business if you wish to discuss gdui procedures and policies. Religious and political discussions and posts which are devoid of any connection to GDUI-related issues may not be posted.
H. It is okay to post well wishes to the list during occasions such as holidays, however, such posts can quickly become excessive in number. Post privately if you wish to return good will to a specific individual.
I. Read receipt requests should not be sent to the List.
J. There is a posting limit of ten (10) messages per day. While it is understandable that a person might inadvertently post more than ten messages, repeated violations of this rule, or a day in which a person grossly over-exceeds this limit will result in a suspension of 24 hours, during which the over-zealous poster may not post messages to the list.
K. If discussion of a matter of pressing importance seems to require relaxing the quota of ten messages posted during a 24-hour period for each individual on the list, moderators can decide to suspend the restriction upon postings until the pressing matter under discussion can be resolved, or the discussion can be discontinued. Such situations can be expected to occur infrequently.
L. Moderators reserve the right to lower the posting limit from ten messages per individual if it is felt list traffic is too heavy, thus dissuading potential members from joining, or causing existing members to leave. Such a reduction will be announced to all members before being implemented.
M. Moderators will consult with GDUI’s publications committee chair if they feel additional feedback about exceptions to rules, such as modifying posting limits for a topic, is required.
N. Threads of discussion are under the sole control of the list Moderators. If it is believed that a discussion is not relevant to this List or has outlived its useful life, the Moderators can call for an end to that discussion thread. List members must fully comply with this request.
O. Discussions on GDUI-managed e-mail lists are expected to remain civil. Inflamitory posts will not bbe tolerated.
Flaming will not be tolerated. Wikkipedia defines flaming as
a hostile and insulting interaction between Internet users, often involving the use of profanity. It can also be the swapping of insults back and forth or with many groups teaming up on a single victim.
Violations of this rule will result in a suspension lasting from 24 hours to one week, during which the poster may not post messages to the list. Repeated violation of this rule will also qualify as a breach of expected list conduct and will result in suspension from the list [See below].
p. Members on this list are capable of posting their own messages. If a list member is having technical difficulty, please contact a moderator so that member can be assisted. Private messages, whether from members banned from this list, or from members speaking to you without copying the list, should not be forwarded to any e-mail list. If you feel a private message needs to be forwarded to the chat list, please write to
Include the message you want to forward when requesting permission. A list moderator will get back to you letting you know if your request will be permitted.
q. List moderators realize that passions may run high when posters are writing about emotional incidents related to guide dog handling and ownership. Occasional mild profanity, assuming it is not addressed to a specific individual, will not result in a suspension
R. Cross-posting of messages to other lists or individuals is discouraged. We cannot prevent cross-posting, nor will we try.
However, we encourage list members to ask the poster of a message you wish to share for permission to send it forward, and we encourage cutting and pasting of the contents of a message into a new message destined for another list or individual rather than forwarding.
S. Moderation, including holding back and refusing to accept, messages posted to the list will constitute a last, not a first, resort for your list moderators. We welcome a free exchange of ideas, civil discussions, and shared satisfaction for all members of the GDUI.ORG community.

3. Message replies

A. If you wish to send a reply to all members of this e-mail list, Use the "Reply," "Reply to Sender," or other similar command--depending on the email program in use.
b. If the message you are sending in reply is intended only for the original sender, it must be sent off List. If you are comfortable with editing your to field, you can use the "reply to all" function of your e-mail program, then use editing commands in the to field of your e-mail program to remove all recipients accept the address of the individual to whom you are replying.

4. Moderator responsibilities, and how they will effect list participants
A. If an individual is violating any List Rule, a list moderator will send a private message to that individual containing notice of a warning or a suspension. The first suspension will last for 24 hours to one week, according to moderators' discretion. The second suspension will last for 30 days. The third suspension will last for one year. A fourth suspension will begin the cycle again. If a first or second suspension has been received, and 24 months passed without a further suspension, the suspension counter will be reset to zero.
B. A personal attack will be grounds for immediate action by the Moderators. The first attack will result in a warning or suspension at the discretion of the moderators. Subsequent personal attacks will result in an immediate ban as outlined above.
C. Swearing at individuals or groups of individuals, either with swear words, or with language which can be reasonably construed to imply swear words, will be grounds for an immediate suspension.
D. If multiple people on list are violating the same rule, such as exceeding the 10 message per day posting limit, moderators will, at their discretion, send a public warning to the list. Such a warning will identify the rule being broken, but will not name any individual breaking the rule.

1. Please remember that this is a public list which is subject to public scrutiny. We expect that all list members will exercise discretion when posting any information of a personal nature to this list.
2. Keep the subject line relevant to the message body, it is both considerate and helpful to change the subject line of a message to which you are replying if you suspect your reply may generate a new topic of conversation.
3. Criticism, however strident, is permitted, but a spirit of civility isrequired. If your emotions are running particularly high when you are writing your message, please save it to your drafts folder, sleep on it, and review what you said. You may find after a night’s rest that you still feel passionate, but your words can be written more calmly.
4. While forwards of newspaper and magazine articles as well as other items of interest are welcome on this list, please keep in mind the following guidelines:
A. Remove all extraneous headers. These cause major clutter for users of screen readers and screen magnification software.
B. All forwarded links should be accompanied either by an explanation or some or all of the text contained within.
C. Please explain the relevance of the forward to the list.
D. If a message to be posted is intended for informational purposes, and not for comment, FYI might be added to the subject line to indicate that.
E. Avoid posting on-list very short messages such as "Thank you," and "I agree," or other one-line comments. Feel free to send such one-liners to individuals to whom you wish to express gratitude or agreement, but, when possible, limit your posting of these very short messages on the list itself.
The rules and recommendations listed above are based upon similar guidance developed both by the GDUI Board of Directors for their own proprietary list serve and the American Council of the Blind Board of Publications. We have adapted their recommendations to reflect the focus of the GDUI.ORG list serve, and we are grateful to the GDUI Board of Directors and ACB for the guidance they have provided.

Sincerely, Dixie Sanderson, Will Burley and Darla Rogers list moderators August 1, 2017

To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the GDUIChatList Archives.

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