Top Dog 2017

Thanks to ACB Radio for providing the below links to all of the “Top Dog” Presentations! Enjoy!

Top Dog 2017 Way Finding Devices: Learn about the different accessible way finding devices currently in the market today.

Top Dog 2017 Flying with your Guide Dog: Get tips on how to make you and your guide dog more comfortable on an airplane.

Top Dog 2017 Guide Dog School Updates: Find out what your favorite Guide Dog School is up to.

Top Dog 2017 Guide Dog Tales: Listen as many Guide Dog Users share experiences from their many adventures with their Guide Dogs.

Top Dog 2017 Banquet: Enjoy the Top Dog 2017 Banquet

Top Dog 2017 Airline Emergency Preparedness: Find out how to work with your Guide Dog during an Airline Emergency

Top Dog 2017 Allergies in dogs: Learn different allergies that affect dogs and how to treat them.